Saturday, 22 October 2016

Winter coats and sweaters to keep them warm!

We have a lot of choice of winter woolies, raincoats and smart jackets this month in our shop in Ashby de la Zouch  (open Mon Wed Fri Sat Sun) . Lots of people have asked us for clothing for bigger dogs as well so we have lots of coats up to size 30"  on order to arrive next week. So we will have sizes to fit  the tiniest Chihuahua puppy all the way up to Newfy size!
You are welcome to pop in for a look, or give us a ring on 01530 563338 to check what sizes and styles we have. I will post on here when the big dog clothes arrive!

Blue Quilted dog coat at Mutleys of Ashby de la Zouch

Green Tweed Dog Coat at Mutleys of Ashby de la Zouch

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Halloween cutie.

Look at this little angel all dressed in her new Halloween accessories after her makeover today! It's baby Peaches the 4 month old Shih Tzu

Thursday, 22 September 2016

What is 'De-shedding' all about?

Huskies are particularly heavy moulters!

A couple of people this week have asked me about the de-shedding treatment that we offer and what it involves. I am told that there is someone offering 'de-shedding' locally where the service involves clipping the hair away (NOT a good idea). 

 I wanted to explain what we do here at Mutleys and how it helps the shedding dog.

Our de-shedding service is the same one that I have offered ever since I founded the business in 2004, and is extremely popular and useful for dogs who have the type of hair that moults heavily. (Think of  Bulldogs,Labradors, Staffies, Boxers, Retrievers, Huskies, German Shepherd Dogs etc) It is a combination of speciality products and techniques that we use to help remove the dead, loose hair from a dog's coat all in one go while he or she is in the salon.

 This is the hair that would be coming out anyway, but over a period of days and weeks, rather than in one fell swoop. We are simply speeding up the process so it goes in our hoover instead of yours!

This is Sky-Dog at Ashby with some of his old hair

It is very rare for a professional groomer to have occasion to actually clip the coat of a breed like this that has a double coat. It would only happen in rare cases, on medical grounds.

Please do be aware that if your double coated dog is clipped, the hair will very likely be altered and grow back curly, frizzy or patchy. There are some exceptions to the rule, but please be careful;. The natural coat of a Husky (for example) provides natures way of protecting the dog from temperature extremes both hot and cold. Correct de-shedding of the coat can help keep the coat and skin healthy and better able to do it's rightful job. Shaving the double coat removes that protective layer and can expose the dog to risk of overheating /sunburn etc.

If you would like to book your dog in for a de-shedding treatment and you are not sure, please feel free to ask your groomer as many questions as you like, we are always happy to advise. De-shedding comes free of charge with our bath and brush packages, and we also include it in the package for some of our trimmed dogs that moult. (i.e. Border Collies, Border Terriers etc)

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Dame Catherine Arts Summer Exhibition 2016 - And 10 dog portraits by Sue!

I painted ten oil paintings for the Summer Exhibition this year and I decided to exhibit all dog portraits as I usually do. Ranging in size from 30 x 30 cm all the way up to  80 x 100 cm. I have a great many beautiful subjects in our grooming salon from where I draw my inspiration. This time four of the paintings where of my own dogs Reba and Emma. and I sold the small portrait featuring Emma at the show.

The big greyhound painting is my largest to date at 150 x 100cm and I sold her that year at Ticknall.

The above painting is of Grace, the Scottish Deerhound and was sold at last year's Summer Exhibition

Monday, 19 September 2016

Dog groomer portfolios have been added

I have added a new page on our Mutley Makeovers website (Polesworth and Ashby de la Zouch). It is called 'Meet the Groomers' and on the page you will see our team of groomers together with a link to each of their portfolio pages. You can view grooms recently completed by each of the girls. I am going to add more photos and will endeavour to shop the whole range of breeds and styles that the girls are able to achieve. I will even include examples of smooth coated breeds ie those that don't require a hair cut, because pampering Labradors and Staffies etc is an art form in itself, de-shedding  and re-moisturizing the coat, massaging the skin and getting rid of any loose hairs and dandruff. See how shiny the girls can get their guests! Of course you would have to smell the dogs to get the full  effect, but if you have been to us before, you'll already know how good they smell when they leave us.
Best quality dog groomer tamworth

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Grooming Salon Re 'Fur' bishment in progress soon (Polesworth)

As part of our plans for a new look premises over the Winter, we are installing a beautiful new bath and fittings into the bathroom next month. This will not be a difficult job, although it will require us to close the shop for a day.  The only problem with being busy seven days a week is getting a chance to do these kind of things! We are also having some new brighter lighting in the grooming room, as well as a few other jobs that need doing before the Christmas period begins, and so we will be closed on these dates:  3rd. 17th/18th, 25th, 26th and 27th Oct. The rest of October we are open for grooming as usual.

We were hoping for our new reception area to be open by now, but we are waiting for the necessary paperwork to be completed and then we will crack on with that!

dog groomer b78 Polesworth Tamworth dog groomer b79

Beautiful Ellie, pampered by Kelly

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Two Pretty Poodles

It was the first time at Mutleys for these beautiful poodles Hasna and Dayna and  they were really good girls for Danielle to Groom.