Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dog Grooming on a Sunday

We are open for dog grooming services every Saturday and Sunday. We find that these are our busiest days of the week, probably because we do not open in the evening, and many people have to work 9-5 Monday to Friday so Saturday in particular is a popular day!
We do find Sundays are slightly less busy, and this is because people expect us to be closed as are many other dog grooming salons. We do have to abide by Sunday selling regulations and so our hours are 10-4 on Sundays, and 9-4 Mon-Sat inclusive.

Molly Morgan watching out of the window after her pamper last Sunday

Friday, 30 January 2015

Where can I get my dog washed?

If this is a question that you have been asking then look no further!  Our premium dog washing and grooming service includes many little extra touches that will ensure that you get great value for money when you bring your dog to us for a bath.

 Every dog that visits us is thoroughly checked over for any visible signs of health issues,  and his or her skin and coat is assessed before we start. We can then choose the perfect formula shampoo and  conditioner to use to get your pet looking and feeling fabulous.
Every dog receives a blueberry Facial which is tearless and really give the eye area a really good clean, removing tear build up  and helping to reduce staining. The facial also gets the rest of the dog's face sparkly clean, and is specially good for heavy jowled dogs who tend to wear their dinner :)

Breeds that are known to shed hair quite heavily are all given a de-shedding treatment which is super effective at removing all the loose dead hairs, so your pet is left with nice shiny new hairs (and you won't have so much hair around the house) . This also helps if any member of your household is allergic to dogs as it helps remove any dander and debris that can make allergies worse.

Once your dog is squeaky clean, we may apply a conditioning treatment followed by two thorough rinses, and then we wrap him or her in warm towels and start the drying process. We use hand held force dryers to dry most of our visitors' coats, nervous dogs can wear a happy hoodie, (a soft towelling hood) which reduces the noise of the dryer and makes the experience much more relaxing for them. We also have a specially designed thermostatically controlled cage dryer which we sometimes use for very nervous dogs, and for dogs who don't like the hand held dryer used near their head and ears.
Beautiful Bella the Golden Retriever enjoys a pamper

While your dog is being dried and brushed, even more loose hair is being fetched out of the coat leaving him shiny and glossy and healthy looking. The ears are then cleaned with a special solution to get rid of any wax and grimy build up.

Every dog who comes in has their nails checked and trimmed as a matter of course, and finally, a spritz of our own exclusive cologne,  and a smart bandana completes the look!

Our clients always tells us that when they bring their dog to us, the effects last for a long time afterwards, their dog smells lovely and feels amazing, is happy and comfortable and loses much less hair around the house!  A quick wash of the dog at home, just doesn't do the same thing at all!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Grooming dogs of all shapes and sizes!

At Mutley Makeovers, we welcome dogs in for pampering whether they are large or small and whatever breed they are. In the same day we can go from a tidy up for a 4lb Chihuahua to a full makeover and de-shedding treatment for a 70kg Newfoundland!  Different sized dogs bring different challenges.
For health and safety's sake we always book the giant breeds in when we have more than one groomer available to lend a hand, and we do need to book a double appointment for the biggies! The main challenge when grooming a large breed of dog? Keeping your back healthy!

Big Dog grooming tamworth Birmingham
Our big beautiful and much missed friend Pablo, sadly no longer with us. Miss you, buddy!

Giant breed dog grooming bathing Tamworth Mutley Makeovers
Chocolate Newfoundland Cadbury loves her pamper sessions at Mutley Makeovers. She fills the walk-in hydrobath!

Kelly puts in the hard work trimming Cadbury's undercarriage!

small dog breeds grooming Tamworth Mutley Makeovers special care
It's the Little and Large Show! Tiny Chihuahua Pumpkin having a 'cuddle-dry' in Shauna's arms. Cuddle-dry is a favoured technique with tiny or nervous dogs as it gets them part way dry while they bond with their groomer.

 While the tinies require extra gentle handling, they are also usually very quick moving and if they have developed an aversion to having their feet touched, the challenge is on, to find a way that is acceptable to them so that they can learn to accept the attention! ( We have sometimes found that tricky, fidgety nails can be trimmed if the little one is removed from the grooming table and instead, cradled in a colleagues arms for the procedure.) We find something that works for each individual

Sometimes the little ones can be fiesty! Here is little Penny Gladwin, who sometimes pulls this face when we are about to trim her nails! The trick with Penny is to ignore the awful faces and just carry on, and she is fine :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Pampering for all the family at Mutley Makeovers

It is nice when all the furry family members come in for their pampering at  the same time and keep each other company. Here are some of the happy families that we pampered this weekend.

Coco and Boots Uttley

Tillie, Bella and Coco Morrall

Poppy and Lily Cann

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Why choose an experienced groomer?

One of the questions we don't get asked very often is ' How much experience do you have, as a groomer?' and yet it is so important that you choose someone who really knows what they are doing You are handing over your precious, precious companion to  your groomer and entrusting them with his/her care, albeit only for a couple of hours.

Oscar relaxing with Shauna after his very first puppy trim, a year or two ago.

Basic training courses for grooming last from 20 days to 6 weeks and are a super starting point for a groomer, and will cover the basic trimming styles, equipment and most safety and hygiene issues. And once a newly trained bather or stylist begins to work, grooming a variety of dogs every day- that is when learning really begins! Over the months and years the groomer will pick up lots of tips and tricks, handling techniques and new grooming styles. He or she  will begin to know just exactly how the different types of hair will behave when trimmed in different ways, and will begin to know exactly which style will suit which shape and size of dog, and will be able to advise the owner on lifestyle trims, skin and coat care and nutrition. The valuable experience gained from handling a different new situation every day will stand your groomer in good stead with each new dog that comes along. If your dog doesn't want his nails trimmed? Your groomer will know exactly what to do. Is your dog elderly, arthritic and nervous? Your groomer will have groomed many elderly dogs before and will know how to handle things so that your dog is not distressed by the experience.  If your dog is a fidgetty jumpy dog, prone to suddenly snapping round while being brushed  and trimmed - again the groomer who has 'been around the block' a few times will instinctively know exactly when to stop snipping, so that your dog is in safe, sure hands throughout the process.

 In short the experienced groomer is a highly skilled professional who possesses an eye for detail, a way with dogs, steady hands, and lots more little invisible skills that most people don't even know or think about. This is one of the things that makes grooming such a rewarding profession.  But as you can see, it takes a while to get the experience necessary and there is a world of difference between a newly qualified stylist, and one that is 3 or 4 years into a full time grooming role. Choose wisely!

New labelling for our Spa Dog range!

Spa Dog Creme Shampoo with new labelling by the

We are really pleased with the service we received from Discount Banner Printing, having used them several times now, for our three shop signs and a van decal and now these spa dog cosmetic labels. The turnaround is nice and quick and the prices are always reasonable, and short runs are no problem.

Our colognes and shampoos are all available to purchase in our salon.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Dogs in coats?

dogs in jumpers playing in the snow
Emma (Lab) and Reba (Standard Poodle) in their matching knit hoodies.

Whenever I put my two girls in their jumpers to take them for a walk, I can guarantee that somebody that we meet will have something slightly uncomplimentary to say about it!  In one way, I can understand the point of view. Dogs can regulate their own body temperature quite efficiently I know, and I am sure they would survive the walk bare! For me and for the owners of a lot of clipped dogs, it is just practical if the weather is foul to pop a jacket on the pooch, and then when you get back its easy to wash the coat or stick it on the radiator to dry, and your dog is already dry and clean, quick wipe of the paws and you are good to go!

                  The fact that dogs in coats look adorable is neither here nor there :D