Thursday, 26 November 2015

Amber the Black Labrador has a pampering session at Mutleys

Sweet Amber feeling great and ready for a snooze once she gets home.

There is nothing quite like a warm, massaging aromatherapy bath and pedicure!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dog grooming appointment available today!

Poppy Atkins, pampered by Shauna

We have availability for a doggy makeover today at our Tamworth grooming salon, in Polesworth.
You can book this last minute pamper appointment to treat your pup by calling 01827 898109 or you can book online using the green button.

Christmas appointments are almost all booked up now, so please get yours organised as quickly as you can to avoid disappointment (we are working till 5pm Christmas Eve to try and accommodate everyone)

Monday, 9 November 2015

Smiley happy faces - dogs groomed at Mutley Makeovers Tamworth

Oh how we love our furry guests!
And so we try and help make their life a smiley one,
 by keeping their skin and coat feeling and smelling so good!

Our dogs!

Reba and Emma, our girls
 Nelson and Christina
Shauna, Logan and Copper

Kelly's poodle Flynn, on the beach...and at the salon.

Two Westie haircuts -two different styles by Christina at Mutleys Tamworth

 Buster with a short traditional Westie style face, with a one length trim on his body (no skirt)
This is an easy to maintain Westie hair cut, while  keeping the traditional look.

Mildred is sporting a 'one length all over' trim, this is the easiest of all styles to maintain and is sometimes requested by busy Westie owners.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Getting ready for Winter!

Its getting chilly!    Do you let your dog's hair grow long in the hope that the extra coverage will prevent him feeling the cold? It seems like logic, but in fact, with a longer coated fluffy-type breed of dog you could be making a mistake.
Winter is the time that caring for your dog's hair becomes very hard work!
I'm reminded of this;

'Shovelling the path while it's still snowing
Is like cleaning the house while the kids are still growing'

Caring for a dog with longer hair during the winter can feel a bit like that! Autumn leaves, dried and twisted into the chest hair, snappy little twigs caught up in the feet. Mud caked into dreadlocks after a brisk walk. And Snow! (your dog racing around, leg hair clattering with snowballs until they finally melt on the floor) You manage to get every last tangle brushed out...and it's time to go for a walk again. Long haired, bedraggled wet dogs don't dry naturally without mats appearing. We all know the dangers that face a matted dog, but in Winter? For a wet and matted dog trying to get warm and dry I can only imagine it must be like having to go to bed in a pair of wet jeans (never done it, but it can't be good!)
If you are happy choosing a shorter, fluffier style to see your dog through the winter months, you and your pooch will feel the benefits. Easy to care for, warmer and so comfortable for the pup. Our  poodle Reba always gets a shorter clip each year as the nights start to draw in.

Admittedly the reason Emma (our black lab) has a matching jumper is so she doesn't feel 'left out', she doesn't always wear it and when she does she sits with it pulled down over her knees like a self conscious teenager :D