Friday, 19 August 2016

Our Ear Plucking Policy

An interesting article about the pros and cons of ear plucking. 

At Mutleys we have no strong feelings either way and will work to the needs of the individual dog, plucking sufficient to allow passage of air within the ear area, but.not enough to cause pinkness, soreness and potential problems down the line.  We are happy to lightly pluck ears at the owners request, and this service is included in your grooming package. However we don't undertake to pluck ears where infection is present, until your vet has given us the all clear to do so. 

We are guided by the advice provided by the RCVS and the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and as we take care to stay current, our policies have altered slightly over the years to accomodate new thinking in pet welfare matters.

Mutleys recently joined the Pet Professional Guild, an organisation which promotes the principles of 'No Fear, No Pain, No Physical Force' across the pet care and training industries.  It is worth a look at their website as there is plenty of knowledge to be gained about sensible and kind dog training methods and handling.



Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lhasa Apso Dogs Groomed at Mutley Makeovers

So many different lovely styles to choose from, here is a selection of Lhasa Apso groom styles from our salons it Tamworth and Ashby de la Zouch.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Timekeeping and Your Visit to the Dog Goomer

To stick to your agreed appointment time is probably one of the things that is most appreciated by a dog groomer. To understand why, it helps to have a look at what a dog's appointment involves, and break the time down a little. 

So, if we use the example of a regularly groomed Shih Tzu in good condition (ie no matted hair). We  allocate a 90 minute one-to-one appointment slot for a full makeover. We start with maybe 5 minutes chatting with the owner and allowing the dog to settle down. Then a couple of minutes to assess the pooch on the table, checking them over for any health issues etc. Then it is bath time, which takes about 15 minutes. Towel dry and then blow dry by hand which takes a good 20 minutes, Next comes the nail trim, which will take around 5 minutes if the dog is amenable to having his feet held and trimmed.  Add a couple of minutes to clean his ears. Then it is time for the hair cut, which  includes trimming round some very sensitive areas, but if this dog is regularly trimmed and used to it we are looking at about 30-40 minutes. Leaving around 10 minutes for the finishing touches and finally a photograph of the 'new look'.

Now of course every dog is different, some will need longer on certain areas, some will need breaks, some need playfulness and coaxing. Others will stand like statues throughout, only getting excited when they see us opening the bandana box at the end. It does depend a lot on the dog, but you can see by my example that it could be very unhelpful to have a dog arriving 15 minutes late for the appointment.  It can also be a big setback to have the owner arriving back after only 40 minutes to 'see how he is getting on'  (cue much excitement and leaping about just as we are about to start with the scissors!).   Another issue we sometimes have is where a dog is finished, wearing his fresh bandana and ready to receive the praise and joy of his owner, only to be left for an hour or two waiting, legs crossed, because they have gone shopping and decided to come back late to collect him.

Poor timekeeping could also potentially take away from someone else's appointment time.  If you are very late, your groomer will not have enough time to groom your dog and you could be asked to come back another day, in the interests of fairness, so that there is no knock on effect on the rest of that day's appointments. Similarly, if you are very early, you may be asked to take your dog for another tinkle/turn round the block until the groomers have finished attending to the previous client and are ready for him or her.

Hopefully I have been able to show that our dog grooming sessions are quite busy, your dog and groomer are fully occupied throughout and that this is why we absolutely LOVE it when clients come in at the right time, to help our day go with a wag and a smile, instead of a wing and a prayer :D

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dexter with his 'Chocolate Lips and Bad Hips'

Beautiful Springer Spaniel Dexter is waiting for an operation on his hips so he likes to spend a lot of his grooming time lying down. He is only a baby still so his new bionic hips will give him the chance to be as bouncy and springy again as only a Springer knows how!   But for now he knows he has to take things easy and he is very good and steady.  Soon we will know him as simply 'Dexter with his Chocolate Lips' and we can leave the end bit off. Keeley grooms this lovely guy at our Ashby salon.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Queen of the salon!

This sweet angel is Queenie, a previously rescued greyhound. She has been coming to see Shauna at Mutleys in Polesworth for 4 years now and really makes herself at home as you can see. Her bow reads 'I'm Pawsome' and we are inclined to agree!   She is a girl with tender feelings, especially around her back legs and rear end, and would scream out loud if you touched her in those areas. She trusts Shauna and comes in regularly which helps to keep the grooming parlour fresh in her mind and so the process is nice and relaxing for her.

Queenie is getting into mature years now, and her long graceful legs are a bit wobbly, but still beautiful though.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Dog bathing - special offer on a Monday at Mutleys Tamworth and Ashby de la Zouch

Barney the Labradoodle having a bath

Our Monday special promotion is very popular with dogs needing a bath! We offer 20% discount every Monday between 9 am and 4pm . This promotion has been running for 6 years now and we have washed hundreds and hundreds of stinky dogs!   It is an opportunity to treat your dog to our premium pampering bath and blow dry service, at a special rate! Includes a top to toe bath in luxury professional salon shampoos, a facial to keep the face, eye and lip area sweet and clean, conditioning with specially chosen products, de-shedding treatment if needed to help get rid of all that excess moulting hair. Your pet is then brushed and blow dried  by hand, receives a nail trim and an ear clean, a spritz of cologne and a fresh bandana to wear home. As with all of our grooming, the bath and blow dry service is one to one and will take between 1-2 hours .

To book call 01827 898109 for Polesworth Salon or 01530 563338 for Ashby

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Buster made the most of a pamper today

Buster booked himself in for a massage and a side order of belly rubs today with Shauna. Buster is a beautiful Cairn terrier cross.